Allyssa Beird

Allyssa Beird

What is ACH Origination and How Does it Work?

ACH Origination

If you’re a small business owner, ACH—or Automated Clearing House—is probably something you’ve heard of. But how do you know if it’s right for your business? And what are the benefits of getting ACH services in the first place? ACH…

How Do Prepaid Cards Work?

Prepaid Cards

Have you ever wondered how prepaid cards work? Would you like to know the differences between prepaid and debit cards? This article will discuss how prepaid cards work and why they are helpful. Prepaid debit cards are a convenient way…

What is Fair Lending? Definition & Relevant Laws

Definitions & Relevant Laws

The laws that make up fair lending are designed to prevent financial institutions from discriminating against certain groups of people. These laws help to ensure equal treatment for all. What is Fair Lending? Fair lending laws are designed to prevent…

Internal Audit and How Does it Work?

Internal Audit

Are you wondering what an internal auditor does? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Internal auditing is a process designed and conducted by companies to check their efficiency and effectiveness. Internal Auditors check the various components of an…