2024 Course Catalog

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2024 eLearning Catalog of Events

  1. Finance and Accounting
  2. Banking Law
  3. Executive and Director Education
  4. Human Resources
  5. Information, Systems and Network
  6. FinTech: Emerging Tech for Fls
  7. Lending, Mortgage and Credit 
  8. Operations Policies and Procedures
  9. Payments and Electronic Banking
    – ACH
    – Checks
    – Cards
    – Mobile Payments and Remote Deposit Capture
    – Wire Transfer
    – General Payments
  10. Retail and Business Banking 
  11. Business Banking Page
  12. Regulatory Compliance and BSA/AML
  13. Audit
  14. Risk, Fraud and Vendor Management
  15. Returns and Adjustments: Do’s and Don’ts 
  16. Signature Cards and Account Set Up
  17. Design, Implement, and Train on Customer Experience

BankersHub General Information

  1. Introduction to BankersHub/BankerCollege Training.
  2. New! Real Time Payments® Certification
  3. New! Certified Fraud Professional Certification
  4. Passport All-Access Training Membership
  5. Checks and Remote Deposit
  6. Certifications and Certificates

BankersHub 2024 Catalog of Education Events

Since 2010, Bstuff LLC, through BankersHub and BankerCollege (our new Learning Management System) has delivered the industry’s most comprehensive and expansive online education utilizing:

  • Standard online events
  • Expanded 3-part Bootcamps
  • 2 All-day 360 deep-dives
  • Live-streaming from industry conferences
  • Playback recordings and content library
  • Educational certificates and certification

NEW! Real Time Payments® Certification

Ready to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the RTPⓇ Network? With the RTP® Specialist Certification from BankersHub in conjunction with the Payments Professor, learn what you need to know about the RTP® Network to help gain the understanding of the many different aspects of the RTP® Network including the participant, the payments flow, settlement, reconciliation, audits, returns and more. Learn what you need to know about the RTP® advance your career and payments knowledge by obtaining the certificate offered in the course.

The certification is broken into 8 sessions focusing on the following:

  1. RTP® 101: Are You Ready for RTP®?
  2. RTP® 102: Getting to Know RTP® Players, Participants, and Prerequisites
  3. RTP® 103: Payment Messages and Prefunding
  4. RTP 201: Risks, Rules and Regulations – Part 1
  5. RTP® 202: Risks, Rules and Regulations – Part 2
  6. RTP® 301: Prefunding, Settlement and Reconciliation
  7. RTP® 401: Rejects and Request for Returns 8. RTP® 501: Audits

Each session will test knowledge and retention with a brief quiz. Upon successful completion, attendees will receive a framed certificate of completion good demonstrating proficiency and good for two years.

Kevin Olsen

The Payments Professor
Kevin Olsen, AAP APRP NCP

Fraud prevention

NEW! Certified Fraud Specialist Certification

With the most financial institutions experiencing higher rates of fraud coming across all customer contact channels, there is no better time than now for all banking and credit union professionals to learn or refresh on these fraud activities.

This 8-course on-demand training gives learners insights and actions they can take to mitigate fraud activities and protect both their institution and their customers’ resources.

The certification is broken into 8 sessions focusing on the following:

  1. Understanding Mobile Payments Fraud
  2. Documenting Your Elder Financial Program
  3. Deposit Operations Fraud
  4. Debit Card Fraud
  5. Check Fraud
  6. Wire Transfer Fraud
  7. Bank Teller Fraud
  8. ATM Fraud

Each session will test knowledge and retention with a brief quiz. Upon successful completion, attendees will receive a framed certificate of completion good demonstrating proficiency and good for two years.

BankersHub Passport® Membership

Passport All-Access Training Membership grants single-registration access to all of BankersHub’s regular education for 12 months from time of purchase! Like a season pass to a sporting event, Passport provides your institution log-ins to every:

  • Webinars
  • 2-Part Series
  • 3-Part Bootcamp
  • Live-streaming special events

This means that for just $2,495, you receive access to every live event that enable different employees to attend various events, depending on their interest. With over 400 webinars annually, our membership works out to pennies per person at each event! And don’t forget that you get the playback link EVERY event in your subscription so anyone in your company can view these exclusive events at any time.

Members also receive significant discounts for on-demand training with each Certificate and Certification available for just $495 each.

Your Passport to Savings

What Passport Members Say

“We have used BankersHub Passport for years. The webinars cover a wide variety of current banking topics. The nice thing is that you will receive a PDF of the webinar before it begins so you can determine if it is what you are expecting before taking the time to attend the webinar. You also have playback links in case the time of the webinar doesn’t fit your schedule. Well worth the price and definitely pays for itself! Highly recommend.”

$2.4B Bank

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Chief Risk Officer
$250M Credit Union

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Playbacks and On-Demand Events

Playbacks and On-Demand Events

Just a reminder that registrations to ALL events, as well as Passport All-Access Training Memberships include FREE Playback access!

What does this mean?

  • You do not have to attend an event to still get the playback
  • Playback access does not expire
  • Each paid registration entitles you to register additional attendees (with the same institutional email domain)! This means that attendees never have to crowd into a single conference room to watch the training.

Banker Certification and Certificate Programs

Banking Certification Programs prepare you and your staff for the challenges your institution faces ahead including:

  • Regulatory changes and compliance requirements
  • Audit preparation and responses to exceptions
  • Fraud and unauthorized activities
  • New technology advances and opportunities
  • Consumer concerns, problems and disputes
  • Staff training, turnover and ongoing education needs

Certificate and Certification Programs and Courses

  • eBanking Internal Audit Certification
  • eBanking Specialist Certification
  • eBanking Professional Certification
  • Bank Accounting Specialist
  • BSA AML Professional Certification
  • Certified Fraud Specialist
  • Certified Treasury Manager
  • ACH Certificate
  • Payments Fraud Certificate
  • Debit and ATM Card Certificate
  • Wire Transfer Certificate
  • Check and Remote Deposit Certificate
  • AAP Preparatory Training Program

AAP Preparatory Training Program

The Accredited Automated clearing house Professional (AAP) is awarded by NACHA, or the National Automated Clearinghouse Association, to recognize electronic banking payments professionals who have satisfied a comprehensive exam Monday, Oct. 7 – Saturday, Nov. 2, 2024.

The AAP designation is recognized nationwide as an indicator of a person who has satisfied the industry requirements in payments compliance, regulatory standards, and industry case studies.

While not affiliated with NACHA or its Regional Payments Associations (RPA), this BankersHub training will provide any professional seeking to take the annual AAP a complete review and foundational training into the many complex areas covered by the AAP exam. Students also have the opportunity to retake any sections they feel the need to review again and there is no deadline or arbitrary date by which registrants must complete the course…it’s set up to be a true self-study.

Students taking the BankersHub AAP Preparatory Training program still must register for the exam with

NACHA. Open registration for the October-November 2024 exam starts January 15 2024 and continues until September 4 2024.

Now is the time to sign up for the BankersHub AAP Preparatory Training program and begin your path to getting your highly coveted AAP designation!

Five great reasons to go with our Banker Certification Programs:

Submit classes for CPE Credits

You do not just earn certification with the BankersHub program…you earn valuable credits needed to gain or renew professional designations. Taking these programs allows you to further your education and training towards these professional distinctions without having to incur travel expenses.

Take the sessions when it is convenient for you and fits your schedule

Because the Bankers Hub certification program is completely online, registrants take the courses and exams when it is convenient. Furthermore, there is not lost productivity and travel expense associated with live seminars and in-person training conducted in distant locations.

Choose the track that best meets your career needs

While payments professionals will likely find one of the three eBanking certification programs extremely valuable, many others are just looking for a deep dive into one or two areas of payments, such as Debit Cards, Wire Transfers, Checks or ACH. Finance and Accounting professionals will find the Bank Accounting Specialist Certification a critical component of their education. That is why BankersHub offers Certificates and Certifications that provide CPE credits along with valuable industry recognition.

eBanking Professional is an incredible value for in-depth content and knowledge

With 35 different sessions, the average cost per session is under $100, a value that is almost impossible to find for content presented by a nationally recognized speaker! And there are no hidden fees or add-on expenses!

Certification recipients get access to BankersHub Resource Library

Registrants who complete one of the three BankersHub Certification programs get access to the BankersHub Resource Library containing sample documents, best practices and resources that help you tackle daily challenges and projects.

WHAT’S NEW for 2024!

BankersHub offers Certifications in the areas of eBanking as well as accounting for financial institutions. For focused learning, BankersHub has Certificates available in topics like Debit Cards, Fraud, ACH, Wire Transfer and more.

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