2022 Events Catalog

For its 10th year, BankersHub is pleased to have the financial services industry’s most comprehensive catalog of online training, with over 250 events and many more to come! This represents our largest initial catalog in BankersHub history!

Following on another incredible year for total events and new customers, our initial 2022 catalog for BankersHub already contains over 340 events scheduled with MANY more to come!

Make sure you check out

  • The new 2022 AAP Preparatory Training Program;
  • The new Real Time Payments Certification from Kevin Olsen, The Payments Professor;
  • The industry’s first Cannabis Banking Professional Certification;
  • Industry analyst, Tom Brown, presents his annual year ahead perspective on Financial Services and the economy overall.
  • New topics including…!
    • Powers of Attorney, Authorized Signers and SDB Deputies:
    • Banking Military Personnel
    • Better Business Writing – How to Write Right
    • Estimating Seasonal Borrowing Needs and Ability to Repay
    • Corporate/Treasury Client Fraud Awareness Training
    • Digital Payments and Cryptocurrencies: What Are They, How Do They Work, and What Are the Risks?
    • The New AML Act: Preparing for Regulations and Compliance
    • Responsible Commercial Real Estate Lending
    • Not-for-Profit (Fund) Accounting
    • Regulation O Training – Loans to Insiders
    • Climate Change and Risk Mitigation: What Financial Institutions Need to Know
    • …and MANY More!

Just check the newest catalog out to prepare your training calendar for 2022! Keep in mind that all events and schedules are subject to change without notice. Let us know if you have questions or thoughts about the calendar and events you would like to see!