About BankersHub


The Team Behind BankersHub

Since 2012, BankersHub has been dedicated to educating and informing banks, credit unions, solution providers and consultants in the U.S. and around the globe. BankersHub delivers best practices, research insights, opinions, economic trends and consumer views through online webinars and banking certifications.

BankersHub has transitioned into a Noggin Guru Company. Fueling the mission of connecting people to their potential by offering customers access to relevant and timely content, the ability to learn from the most esteemed network of banking experts, and responsive service with a personal touch.

By bringing together BankersHub with the recent acquisition of BOL Learning Connect, we are building the best learning solution in banking.

Noggin Guru is a company that cares. Cares about people and their success. Cares about providing attentive and responsive customer service. Cares about delivering topical and relevant content. Cares about compliance and meeting regulatory requirements. Cares about connecting people to their potential.

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