Experienced Financial Instructors

Meet our team of experienced Instructors from all areas of the Financial Industry

Keith Barnett

Keith Barnett's experience representing clients in the financial services industry as a litigation,

Carlin McCrory

Carlin McCrory is a regulatory, compliance, and payments attorney with experience representing


Kelly Rozier is an Associate in the Commercial Litigation & Forensic Services group at Stout.


Pam Dees is an Associate in the Disputes, Compliance, & Investigations group. She has 12 years

Photo of Julia Hernandez from The CorePoint

Julia Hernandez has nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry.  She has


Josh Suzio began working for GeoDataVision, in 2017, in the mapping division, producing high


Len Suzio is a nationally recognized CRA expert. He has spoken at ABA and ACB national compliance

Image of Speaker Sue Harnett

Sue Harnett currently serves as Independent Director, Nomination & Governance Committee Chair


David L. Osburn is the Founder of Osburn & Associates, LLC, a Business Training and Contract CFO


Steve Mott is a 25-year veteran of the electronic payments industry, specializing in ‘landscape’ and

Money Services Business Association

Money Services Business Association, MSBA, is a leader in the non-bank money services industry. The

EMC Emerging Markets Coalition

Kirsten Trusko is a payments industry veteran, with serial successes in electronifying cash and

Bretton Woods

G. Michael Flores, CEO of Bretton Woods, Inc., is a consultant and researcher who has provided

First Federal Bank

Stephanie McClendon started her banking career with First Federal in March 1999. In the start of her

First Federal Bank

Cori Wells, BSA/AML/Fraud Compliance Officer at First Federal Bank, is responsible for developing

First Federal Bank

Wendy Wynn began her banking career with First Federal in June 2005. Her roles have included Teller,

Lisa Hutcherson

Lisa Hutcherson has have over 30 years of management and leadership experience and has been in the

Brode Consulting

Molly Stull began her banking career on the teller line while working on her undergraduate degree

Bank of Sun Prairie

Allison Feldbruegge is a current Assistant Vice President at the Bank of Sun Prairie with over 14


Zach Duke is the Founder and President of Cybersecurity firm Finosec. Under his leadership, he leads

Georgia Department of Human Resources

David Blake is a Financial Forensic Specialist with the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS)

James Stevens

James Stevens provides corporate and regulatory advice to clients. He has substantial experience in


Kevin Olsen is a certified AAP (Accredited ACH Professional), APRP (Accredited Payments Risk

Brode Consulting

Dawn Kincaid began her banking career working for a community bank, while attending The Ohio State


Scott Rosenbaum is a Senior Manager in the Disputes, Compliance, & Investigations group, and is


Jesse R. Morton is the Southeast Forensic Services Leader for Stout's Disputes, Compliance, &


Jim Petkovits is Vice President of Education for WesPay and has over eighteen years of payments

LEO Life Ecology Organization

Dr. Niraj (Raj) Nijhawan is a practicing physician. He was raised in Milwaukee, WI, graduated from

Patrick Marlow

Patrick Marlow has been with Gallagher for his entire career in insurance. His coverage expertise

Cairstine Findlay PMP

Cairstine Findlay has over ten years’ experience with Real Time Payments and her passion for

Cindy Orozco

As Compliance Officer at Corporate Spending Innovations (“CSI”), Cindy Orozco oversees the company’s


Connie LaChance AAP NCP APRP has been providing payments education and training for WesPay since