The Banking Certifications List: A Detailed Overview

The Banking Certifications List

The banking industry is constantly evolving. New technology continues to change how traditional banks and other financial institutions conduct business. Regulation updates, risk exposure, and compliance issues are increasing pressure on banking professionals to stay educated in their respective areas of expertise. With seventeen different certifications to choose from, BankersHub’s certification programs will prepare you and your staff for the challenges your institution faces ahead! 

Certified Risk Specialist

Higher fraud rates are touching all customer contact channels for most financial institutions.

The Certified Risk Specialist (CRS) certification is tailored to empower professionals in navigating the complex terrain of financial risk. The 13-course on-demand training gives learners insights on how to mitigate fraud activities, elevating their professional expertise.

Real-Time Payments Specialist Certification

Broken into eight one-hour classes, the Real Time Payments certification focuses on real-time payments for all financial services professionals. It covers rules, regulations, risks, audit implications, and much more. Learning about the RTP® Network can benefit your organization and advance your career, thanks to the payment knowledge you receive from this certification. 

FedNow Specialist Certification

Learn about the critical aspects of FedNow through the FedNow Specialist certification course. The certification covers rules, regulations, risks, audit implications, and much more. Each of the eight classes concludes with a quiz to test your knowledge of the many different aspects of faster payments. 

Certification – Checks and Remote Deposit

The Checks and Remote Deposit certification focuses on the payments foundation, including the entities responsible for regulating, processing/settling, and developing rules for the different payment collection system. 

Money Services Business Banking Certificate

Money services businesses (MSBs) can offer new revenue streams to your financial institution. The MSB Banking certificate course introduces bankers to MSBs and reviews the basic principles to vet, underwrite, and onboard an approved MSB relationship at a bank. 

AAP Prep Training 

For payment professionals seeking a highly coveted Accredited Automated clearing house Professional (AAP) title, the AAP Prep Training course is for you. Our 12 NEW courses will provide you with a complete review and foundational training in the many complex areas covered by the AAP exam. The course allows students to study independently and retake specific sections as needed. 

BSA AML Professional Certification

Our comprehensive and thorough training series on the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) provides relevant topics for all frontline employees—not just BSA/AML staff, auditors, and compliance personnel. This self-paced series has 20 full lessons and quizzes. Attendees will gain a wealth of insight and knowledge to ensure they have the right tools and resources for a successful career. 

Certified Treasury Manager

The Certified Treasury Management course is for any employees needing training in all aspects of managing corporate relationships—not just treasury and cash managers. This on-demand training series offers 20 critical topics, from BSA and Payments to Analyzing Financial Condition, Cash Flow, and more. 

Certification – Debit and ATM Card

The Debit and ATM Card certification focuses on the payments foundation. It includes those entities responsible for processing/settling, regulating, and developing rules for the different payment collection system. The certification comprises eight sections, including Introduction to Debit and ATM Cards, Debit Card Legal and Compliance Obligations, and Top Findings in ACH, RDC and Wire Transfer Audits. 

Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS)

The CFS course is for banking and credit union professionals interested in exploring the most common and overlooked fraud exposure weaknesses. Learners will gain insights and actions on how to mitigate fraud activities and protect both their institution and their customers’ resources.  

Certification – eBanking Professional

Becoming fully educated in all aspects of compliance, processes, risks, and trends in payments is essential for staff and employees responsible for supporting payments functions. The eBanking Professional Certification Program is designed for supervisors, managers, and top-performing staff interested in advancing their careers in the field of electronic banking. 

Certification – eBanking Specialist

If you’re responsible for supporting payment functions, then seeking certification as an ebanking specialist is a must. Our course will strengthen your knowledge in areas such as compliance, processes, risks, and trends in payments. 

Wire Transfer Certification

Our Wire Transfer certification focuses on the payments foundation for wire transfers, including all entities responsible for regulating, processing/settling, fraud mitigation, and rules/regulations governing the wire function. This course includes a prerequisite section plus eight sections such as Wire Transfer Fraud Trends and Effective Mitigation Controls and Wire Transfer Legal and Compliance Considerations. 

Certification – eBanking Internal Audit

Internal auditors and compliance officers are faced with greater responsibilities than ever before to ensure their institutions remain in compliance with payments regulations. Minimizing risk exposure is a big undertaking. Our comprehensive eBanking Internal Audit certification provides students with fifteen comprehensive courses to prepare them for the challenges ahead.  

Certification – Bank Accounting Specialist

Recent changes in regulations, capital requirements, and interpretations of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) place higher expectations on accountants, bookkeepers, analysts, and auditors to keep their institutions up-to-date and compliant. Our new Bank Accounting Specialist certification is designed to prepare you for these unique challenges. 

ACH Certification

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) certification focuses on the ACH payments foundation. It includes the entities responsible for processing/setting, regulating, and developing rules for the different payment collection system. The course contains two prerequisite sessions and nine main sessions, including ACH Exception Item Handling and ACH Fraud Trends. 

Certification – Universal Branch Employee

The Universal Branch Employee certification is essential for new universal employees who need to demonstrate understanding and familiarity with important issues, services, and regulations. It comprises one prerequisite session and nine main sessions, including Check Fraud and Remote Cash Capture: New RDC on the Block.

BankersHub is a leading provider of financial certifications and training solutions. Whether you’re looking for a new job in the banking industry or interested in advancing your banking career, a certification through BankersHub can make a big difference. Register for a certification today! 

AML Monitoring System Customization and Optimization

July 23, 2024 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – This session will discuss why you should customize/optimize your systems and how to accomplish your goals through real examples that demonstrate the benefits of getting it right at the very beginning and keeping it tuned thereafter.

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