Experienced Financial Instructors

Meet our team of experienced Instructors from all areas of the Financial Industry

Patty Presta Wespay

Patty is responsible for developing and providing education and training to WesPay members through

Nick Ansley

Nick Ansley, CPA is a partner who brings more than 15 years of invaluable experience to financial


Tiffani Davis is President/Founder of RegConcile and the founding partner at the Law Firm of Davis

Mark Davis

Mark H. Davis retired from a traditional career in 2015, following 45 years as a Florida banker.


Max Aulakh is the CEO of Ignyte Assurance Platform, where he works with top CISOs in the country


Jodi Daniels is Founder of Red Clover Advisors, a consultancy that specializes in designing custom


Dick Fraher, who joined the Federal Reserve Bank in 1998, is responsible for all legal matters


As the Principal for Devon Risk Advisory Group, Dev Strischek brings years of senior experience in


William Krasne is the founding principal of Spectre Equities, an entrepreneurial real estate


toward the specific needs of financial organizations.

Terri is an Advanced Certified Anti-Money


Thomas K. Brown has followed the banking industry for many years. He was the top-ranked banking

Robert Dyck

Robert Dyck has been a banking executive in Southern California for 36 years. For the last 12 years


Ray Graber presents a holistic understanding of financial services and technology. He has had

Paul Sanchez

Paul J. Sanchez, CPA, CBA, CFSA conducts a CPA practice in Port Washington, New York. He is also the

Neil Stanley

Neil Stanley has been a banker for over 25 years. Neil was the CEO of $750 million Northwest Bank in


MaryAnn Lawrence continues a 20-year career of teaching undergraduate and graduate course in


Marci Malzahn is the president and founder of Malzahn Strategic, a community bank consultancy

Picture of Lisa Beck Schuck

Lisa is a nationally recognized strategic marketing executive and business development professional


Money Service Business Association (MSBA) / Director


Kevin Funnell has over 43 years of experience working with companies on complicated business and


Kevin Sasser has been Director of Sales & Marketing at Argos Risk LLC since January 30, 2017.


John Popeo is a principal at The Gallatin Group, a consulting firm that advises financial


For 27 years, John Barrickman has served as President of New Horizons Financial Group, a financial


Erica El Hilali, MBA, AAP, is the Director of Client Services at Argos Risk in Minneapolis, MN where

Donna Olheiser

Donna, the Vice President of Education Services for Dynamic Mastership, is a Certified Master


David Peterson has inspired international audiences to rethink how innovation happens in their


Dennis M. Lormel is a recognized subject matter expert in the anti-money laundering, terrorist


Charles Wendel, the President of Financial Institutions Consulting (FIC), had extensive practical

Bradley Carroll

Bradley Carroll is a successful business leader with strong background in US GAAP, the International


Ascensus helps more than 8 million Americans save for retirement, college, and healthcare with


Angie Smith currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Professional Development Events at


Erin O'Donnell, co-founder of BankersHub, oversees product innovation and education. She has over 30