Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI) / Program Manager, Global Partnerships and Implementations

Cairstine Findlay has over ten years’ experience with Real Time Payments and her passion for bringing RTP to the US led her to move her whole family across the Atlantic. Cairstine joined CSI as part of the company’s initiative to expand the reach of its innovative payments solutions, maturing the business model and realizing their large-scale, major FI focus. New markets, new customers and new solutions require new ideas and new approaches.

Her previous life running global pharmaceutical trials in complex, competitive, highly regulated, yet still highly innovative environments gave her the skills to lead change management programs within major suppliers to the Payments industry as well as running transformational projects with international and regional Banks. Pharmaceutical trials, transformational programs and payments implementation projects require concrete goals defined in terms of dates, performance measures and clear outcomes, if they are to be successful.  Each set of goals requires its own distinct, risk-aware, approach, especially within the current payments environment where fintech creativity meets regulatory necessity. Her passion is in making all of those a working reality.

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