Cannabis Banking Professional Certification v2

Cannabis-related businesses (MRBs) which include Hemp, CBD and Marijuana, have taken the world by storm. BankersHub was the leader in introducing this 11-session Cannabis Banking Professional Certification to the industry!

About the Cannabis Banking Professional Certification Program

715 banks and credit unions serve the U.S. cannabis industry and every state has at least one financial institution that serves cannabis businesses. The Cannabis Banking Professional Certification (CBP) focuses on the unique challenges and regulatory considerations for any banking marijuana related business.

BankersHub, the leader in financial services education for over 12 years, has launched the banking industry’s first Cannabis Related Business Certification, the Cannabis Banking Professional (CBP) through its Learning Management System, BankerCollege.

The certification will be broken into 11 sessions and focus on the following:

  1. Cannabis Basics for Financial Institutions
  2. Understanding Hemp, Marijuana and CBD Business and Regulations
  3. Key Considerations for Banking Cannabis Businesses
  4. Operational Factors for Developing Framework for Cannabis Banking
  5. Cannabis Banking: Opportunities and Challenges
  6. Hemp Banking 101
  7. Legal Marijuana and the Employee Workplace – What Employers Need to Know
  8. FinCEN Guidance, SARs Filings, Risk Management, Due Diligence Policies and Procedures
  9. BSA Risks of Banking High-Risk Customers
  10. BSA Perspective into Banking Hemp, CBD, and Medical/Recreational Marijuana
  11. Performing Your Risk Assessment on MRBs and HRBs

Each session will test knowledge and retention with a brief quiz. Upon successful completion, attendees will receive a framed certificate of completion good demonstrating proficiency and good for two years.