2019 AAP Preparatory Series

About the 2019 AAP Preparatory Study Series

BankersHub is pleased to introduce the totally NEW AAP Preparatory Study Series for payments professionals seeking to earn their AAP (Accredited ACH Professional) title in October 2019, or for current AAPs looking to earn Continuing Education Credits (CEC) as part of their AAP requirements.

BankersHub has partnered with one of the leading companies in ACH training, Dynamic Mastership to provide a comprehensive curriculum focused on the critical elements that every payments professional must know to ensure that they are completely up-to-date on the regulations, operations, processes, terminology, and recent changes that impact you, your institution, and your customers every day.

AAP Prep is comprised of 12 in-depth webinar recordings spanning almost 15 hours of payments content.

Check out the curriculum and registration options by going to the 2019 AAP Preparatory Training Series Matrix.

What The AAP Preparatory Training Offers

  • Up to 12 on-demand training webinars to watch at your own pace
  • Presentation materials and handouts
  • Multiple choice review questions for each session
  • Continuing Education Credits (CEC) for current AAPs
  • [Optional] 6 bi-weekly 1-hour teleconference calls for Q&A and Review*
  • [Optional] Full day in-person discussion and review with Donna Olheiser AAP and peers. In-person session will be live-streamed AND recorded for individuals unable to attend*

*NOTE - Optional elements are only available for the 101A - Full Training Package. Please see AAP Program Matrix for more information.


Podcast with Donna Olheiser on the AAP Experience

Why Become an AAP?

Donna Olheiser, AAP
Founder - Dynamic Mastership

It's a logical question to ask why payments professionals should dedicate so much time to preparing to take the exam to become an Accredited ACH Professional, or AAP. There are several compelling reasons to consider going down this important and career-altering path! As an AAP, you...

  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Remain compliant and up-to-date on latest regulations
  • Manage and execute projects with confidence
  • Build professional credibility in the industry

FREE 5-Minute Webinar on AAP Benefits

Still not certain about becoming an AAP? Register for this brief 5 minute webinar to watch Donna describe for you these benefits associated with the Accredited ACH Professional designation. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THIS FREE WEBINAR!