BankersHub and Emerging Markets Coalition – 2021 Cannabis Survey White Paper

About the 2021 Cannabis Survey

BankersHub, the leader in online Financial Services education and the first to launch its Cannabis Banking Professional certification, has joined forces with the Emerging Markets Coalition (EMC) to launch one of the industry’s first surveys on Cannabis banking perspectives and experience.

With so many more states now entering the Cannabis market (Medical and/or Adult Use), the need for guidance and experience from others who have taken the plunge is more important than ever before. This touchpoint survey captures many of the challenges and concerns shared by banks, credit unions and other institutions nationwide. This sample group covers institutions of almost every size category, from community banks and CUs up to a large, money center bank. Geographical representation extends from coast to coast, in addition to Alaska.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this survey, and we hope it generates open discussion, debate and concurrence from any institutions, bankers, executives and directors wondering if the growing Cannabis industry offers opportunities that outweigh real or perceived risks.

Thank you again for your interest and let us hear from you with your thoughts.

Cannabis Banking White Paper

Marijuana Banking Survey